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Got a new spaghetti strap dress or a fancy tube top or a sexy bandeau top? I’m sure you will look breathtaking in them. But what about your bra? Your regular bras will definitely create awkward and embarrassing situations. So the solution for this is- a strapless bra.

If you are trying a strapless bra for the first time, ask yourself a few questions. How to select a bra? What are all the things you need to check before buying it? How do I buy a strapless bra? It can really scare you but when you pick the right fitting bra, your strapless bra will make you feel super comfortable and perfect. You will not feel the need for other bra, trust me! And the biggest fear you will have while wearing a strapless bra is that it might slip out from your bandeau region often and this can totally ruin your pretty outfits. Don’t worry ladies, follow this blog to know about 6 important things you should look for while purchasing a strapless bra.


  1. Measure yourself properly before buying:

Always measure yourself properly before buying the bra. And you might be wondering if you should size down in a strapless bra? We have the solution to this question.

Strapless bras are designed for snug-fit and it will stick to your body perfectly. It’s up to your comfort. You can get a size up or stick to your regular size. Constantly pulling your bra to its correct position can be really annoying . So just switch to strapless bras. The ultimate aim of this bra is to give ample support without the straps.


  1. The band shouldn’t ride up:

When you wear a strapless bra, make sure the bra doesn’t slip down, if it doesn’t stay in the right place then sweetie you aren’t wearing the right size. Bands provide maximum support than the straps. If your band is constantly riding up, then you should re-measure your band and cup sizes.


  1. Check for strap options:

Choosing a strapless bra with an option to add and remove straps will help you to wear the bra often otherwise the bra has to wait for special occasions. Bras with convertible straps are like all in one solution, so consider buying that kind of bras next time.

  1. Look for more hooks:

These kinds of bras are for women with fuller busts. Make sure that the strapless bra you buy has more hooks and a wide band at the back since these bras provide maximum support and ensure a snug and comfortable fit.


  1. Make sure that the bra has better boning:

Boning is the plastic or metal stripe to maintain the structure of the bra and keep the sides up. Bras with proper boning help them to stay put on your body. But also know that a bra with bad boning might be the worst nightmare. So make sure before buying them. If the boning is softly encased with proper padding and fitting then add the bra to your cart.


  1. Don’t put much weight on bra:

Your strapless bra is already doing its job by providing best support to your bust. So don’t force it by making it hold your clothing too. Select garments that are fitted on the hip, so that your hip or waist holds the whole weight of the dress.The clothing that you wear must be loose at the chest and tight at the hips so that the bra doesn’t slide down and stays at the right place.

Got a clear idea? Now make sure to keep these points before buying the bra to avoid awkward situations.

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